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This delicious sausage green bean potato casserole is such a delicious side dish recipe perfect anytime of year. It’s actually a complete meal with meat, veggies and potatoes all in one dish. So scrumptious and seasoned perfectly.

A close up of a white bowl with a serving of sausage green beans and potatoes.

With the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect dish to add to the menu for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. We have a green bean side dish with our holiday meal and this is a hearty side dish that will go with the turkey, ham and prime rib perfectly.

A glass baking dish filled with sausage green beans and potatoes.

Sausage kielbasa is delicious and, when paired up with baby creamer potatoes and green beans, has always been a favorite at our house. Using fresh green beans is best, but using frozen green beans or canned green beans in a pinch works well too. And if you cannot find the baby creamers, you can use small red potatoes.

A close up photo of a serving of sausage, green beans and potatoes in a white bowl with blue trim.


Yes! This can be made in a slow cooker. First, cook the sausage, along with the onions and garlic. While the sausage is cooking, add potatoes, that have been tossed in vegetable or olive oil, along with the seasonings, to the pot. Next, add green beans and then add the sausage mixture. Give it a quick stir. Turn crock pot to high, cover and cook for 4 hours. Super easy and will free up time while preparing the rest of the holiday meal.

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