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This Cherry Cream Cheese Cobbler is easy to make and tastes like a luscious cheesecake in a cobbler. Your family and friends will be raving about this dish.

cherry cream cheese cobbler

a few weeks back Brother Bill Gentry guest posted for me on Southern Plate. Everyone has raved so much about his recipe and Bill himself has always told me he’s gotten marriage proposals out of it, so it got the better of me and I just had to make it. I was a little scared, though, because I had heard such amazing reviews. I didn’t want to be alone with too much of it! So I halved the recipe and made an 8×8 pan and seeing as how I was in such a cherry mood, I switched the pie filling from apple to cherry, which is what Bill said I could do. (Isn’t it cute when I pretend to ask permission from ya Bill?)

OHMYGOODNESS, Bill! After one bite of this I wanna marry you, too!! I don’t think I can get Ricky on board with that, though, so we’ll have to settle for me baking it for myself. ~sighs~

I haven’t been this impressed with a dessert since I first tried Butterfinger Cake nearly a decade ago. One thing that really surprised me is how the crescent rolls baked into the perfect crust. Usually when I make things with crescent rolls you can always kinda tell they were crescent rolls, but I would have never known in this. I ate way too much and was grateful that it was only an 8×8 because I could happily eat the entire thing.

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