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Cilantro lime honey garlic shrimp skillet is smoky, sweet, zesty and savory. This 30-minute meal is quick and easy without skimping on the flavor.

Cilantro lime honey garlic shrimp in a cast iron pan with lime wedges and topped with fresh parsley.

Today we’re making cilantro lime honey garlic shrimp skillet which is another quick skillet recipe for those looking for a healthy weeknight meal. It’s zesty, it’s packed full of flavor and delicious. Once I started sneaking a few in-between shots, I couldn’t stop.

It’s infused with the freshness of cilantro and lime, a little heat from red pepper flakes and marinated lovingly in a honey garlic sauce. And if you love the sauce, you’ll get to drizzle more of it later. And maybe more lime juice. Because I have to say the lime juice was the star of the show for me.

Now if you want, you can even skewer these and grill them. But for those that want to stay in front of the stove or have an aversion to sharp pointy objects, skillet this away! I’m doing this on a cast iron skillet so there are caramelized bits from the honey we can rub the shrimp into later to give it a blackened, smoky look. And if you want it smokier, feel free to sprinkle some smoked paprika into the sauce. Let’s start cooking.

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