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This Vanilla Buttermilk Pound Cake is a favorite around here. It’s super moist, with tons of flavor and a velvety texture. The glaze on top is completely optional since this is the type of cake that really doesn’t need a bit of frosting!

bundt cake with a slice being taken out

Pound Cakes are the Best

I have always been awed by beautiful layer cakes, with thick layers of frosting and pretty decorations. But pound cakes are honestly just the best kind of cakes for eating. A well-baked pound cake beats out a light, fluffy sponge cake any day of the week, in my opinion!

Pound cakes are so moist and tasty because the ratios of the ingredients are very different from a light and fluffy type of cake. If you’re into learning more about the science of baking and how these ratios work, I highly recommend Shirley Corriher’s book, BakeWise. I took inspiration from her recipes for this cake. She has a whole treatise at the beginning of the book about pound cakes, and it’s such an interesting read and insight into recipe development.

Vanilla Buttermilk Pound Cake

A dense, moist, velvety pound cake with the warm flavors of vanilla and nutmeg. This can easily go from an everyday cake to a stunning centerpiece.

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