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I hope you all are enjoying the start of this wonderful fall season! It’s finally starting to cool down where I live. Well, it was still in the low 90’s here last week in the High Desert but it is cooling off! So excited about that. I’m not one for hot weather, especially when I’m trying to bake and cook! How many of you are fans of bread pudding? There are so many different varieties. This apple pecan bread pudding is great to make for the fall. With the addition of the apples and pecans, what better way to bring in the fall season then to make this delicious apple pecan bread pudding!

Apple Pecan Bread Pudding

My grandmother used to make THE BEST bread pudding! I wish I knew where all her recipes ended up because she was an amazing baker! Everything she baked, or cooked, was delicious! I posted her original bread pudding recipe a year or so ago on the blog, and this is just a spin off from that recipe.

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