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Summer is still in full force. Time to relax a bit, have more fun and spend more time with family.  Through all the fun, make sure to also eat the scrumptious flavors of summer.

Two secret ingredients turn burgers into the juiciest and tastiest creation ever.

On that note, have you ever grilled a burger and all you have left is a puck of hard meat to serve? That’s no fun!

So, I’m excited to share two special secret ingredients for the juiciest cheeseburgers you can imagine. Sound yum? 

lipton onion mix burger served on lettuce and tomato slices, topped with cheese and special sauce on a bun

I’m not one to keep you in suspense, you know that about me.

So, let’s just jump to the game-changing ingredients that will take your summer to the next level, shall we?

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