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This foolproof method for How to Boil Potatoes is incredibly quick and easy! Yukon gold, red, and russet potatoes are boiled either cubed or whole in salted water until perfectly tender. Serve the boiled potatoes with butter as a side dish, or transform them into fluffy mashed potatoes!

A bowl is used to hold red potatoes and golden potatoes that have been boiled.

Whether you want a quick side dish, or need some to add to a recipe (like these Duchess Potatoes!)… this is the quickest and easiest way to boil potatoes!

They come out perfectly soft and tender on the inside without being overly watery or mushy.

Boiling potatoes is a very simple process, all you need are the spuds and salted water!


Yukon gold, red, or russet potatoes can be boiled either cubed or whole.

You can also peel them or leave the skins on – it’s totally your choice!

Boil the potatoes and cut them into slices

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