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This Strawberry Fudge Poke Cake is made with just a few ingredients and will be a hit at all your summer picnics. The sweet, refreshing cake will have everyone asking for more.

A white plate with a piece of strawberry fudge poke cake on it with a bite missing in the front of the cake


If you’re a fan of strawberries and chocolate, you’ll love this recipe for a strawberry fudge poke cake. It’s a delicious twist on the classic poke cake, with the addition of a rich and creamy fudge filling that goes great with the strawberry topping.

  • Irresistible – The combination of sweet and tangy strawberry flavor with rich and creamy fudge is so good.
  • Moist – The poke cake technique allows the filling to seep into the cake, making it moist and flavorful.
  • Bursting with Flavor – The fudge and strawberry topping adds a burst of fruity freshness to the cake.
  • Beautiful Dessert – The pink topping, the dark fudge filling, and the chocolate cake make for an eye-catching dessert.

A few years ago I made this chocolate coconut cake.  It was my first poke cake using sweetened condensed milk.  The only poke cakes I had ever made before had pudding or Jello drizzled over the top.

A few weeks ago I made this coconut fudge poke cake, and I remembered why I loved poke cakes so much.  Now I can’t stop thinking about different combos to try.   

Two white plates with strawberry fudge poke cake slices on them and fresh strawberries on top

I love how refreshing a poke cake is on a hot day. Trust me, and make this s’mores cake or this lemon poke cake for your next party.

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