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This Pepper Jack Meatloaf is absolutely delicious. Especially if you like the flavor of Pepper Jack Cheese.

This Pepper Jack Meatloaf delivers a kick! Meatloaf is probably the ultimate comfort food. Adults and kids love it alike. Probably because it tastes like a hamburger without the bun. Or maybe because it’s so easy to make and can serve the whole family.

If a spicy meatloaf is not your thing, make sure you check out my other Meatloaf recipes here. You especially need to check out my Sweet Ketchup Meatloaf.


I have several other gourmet meatloaf recipes on this site but this one quickly become one of my favorite meatloaves to make. My wife is not a big fan of red meat but she said this was her favorite so far!

What I especially like about this meatloaf is there aren’t too many spices to overwhelm the meat so you get to really taste the pepper jack cheese.

Pepperjack Meatloaf Recipe

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